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Texas Bound!

The wind was howling in Spokane, and I worried the takeoff might be rough. It was smooth as a mountain lake on a calm summer evening. We bounced along eastbound and made it to Dallas in less than three hours.

I’m excited. I love Texas, where it’s still cool to be a cowboy. I was here a couple of weeks ago, but only for a few days. This time were staying for five weeks. It looks like bluebird weather for as far as the forecast reaches. I’m excited to get out of the rain. but I’m not complaining. We needed the moisture.

Our girls have a barn full of horses and pens of calves and longhorn steers. They rope and ride almost every day. In fact, they're out there right now, and I'm about to join them.

I want to visit San Angelo and walk along the Concho River and maybe drive north and spend some time in the Palo Duro Canyon. We’ll see how things go.

I’d also like to go south to Big Bend National Park and spend some time in the desert. I wasn't sure how safe it is with all that’s going on along the US/Mexican border, but by all accounts, it's not popular with the cartels, and people are enjoying the park with no problems.

I spent a few years patrolling the border between the United States and Canada, but it feels different to be out there carry a camera and a notepad instead of a gun and a badge.

On the book front, I'm reading "The Awakening" by Nora Roberts. I'm almost finished and I've enjoyed the story a lot! I read widely, and I find books I like in all genres.

What are you reading now? Let me know in the comments :)

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